Collection of Links

Unorganized, annotated links of interest to me. Seldom updated.

History of the Internet written by some of those involved. Great reading.

Tim Berners-Lee’s archived history of how the World Wide Web was developed. Fascinating.

History of Microsoft Windows. An article from Wikipedia that presents a good summary.

Using text to run your life. Merlin Mann’s article that made me realize that I simply like text-based tools.

The origin of life hacks. Cory Doctorow’s notes from Danny O’Brien’s talk that started the discussion about using text to run your life.

How to become a hacker.

Applying the elements of typography to web pages. Worth reading if you care about how your text looks on your web pages.

Discussion of how to best estimate password strength. Includes link to demo of strength meter to test different passwords.

Generating formatted documents from plain text using pandoc and other tools.

Discussion of how Git works. Explains concepts and how to use Git most effectively.

Comprehensive guide to setting up a Windows computer to protect from malware.

Good reading in all aspects of improving productivity in your life.

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects. Not sure at 71 years of age how much of this I can incorporate in my learning, but I at least want to give it a look.

AHK script that I use to get the URL of the active web page

Vim Cheat Sheet