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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Macbook Pro

After almost 30 years using Windows PCs exclusively, I recently bought a MacBook Pro. Why? Well, it all started with an iPad. The organization where I volunteer to help others use computers was strictly Windows PCs until 2013. Then we started teaching iPad and iPhone courses. So I mentioned to my wife that I was thinking about getting an iPad to help out with those courses. And she got me one for my birthday.

At that time, I used a Motorola Droid4 Android cell phone. It never seemed smooth and responsive to me and its battery life was terrible. I played around with my wife's iPhone and liked it. So when the Droid died, I decided to try an iPhone. Loved it.

What amazed me was how easily and automatically the iPhone and iPad communicated and kept everything synced and up to date.

Then we started to teach Mac computers. That got me thinking. If the iPad and iPhone synced my calendar and reminders so easily, could a Mac computer do that also? I talked with a few friends that had Macs and they thought it could. I've always thought Apple products were better built than PCs. The screens, especially the Retina models, were certainly prettier to my eyes. So I took the plunge and bought the MacBook Pro. It's been fun learning the new systems and apps. One of these days, maybe I won't have to work so hard to remember if I'm sitting at a Windows machine or a Mac when I try to do something.

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