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Friday, May 17, 2019

TypeIt4Me and Terminal

If you use the TypeIt4Me text expander app on your Mac, you may have some issues with command entry in Terminal. Simply pausing TypeIt4Me while you are using Terminal eliminates the issue. BTW, other than that, TypeIt4Me is a wonderful app.

UPDATE 2019-05-21: TypeIt4Me support responded to my inquiry. It turns out you can tell TypeIt4Me to ignore specific apps. Go into TypeIt4Me's Preferences, click the Special tab, and add the app you want TypeIt4Me to ignore. Great! Solved my problem.

UPDATE 2019-05-24 09:26. The folks at TypeIt4Me support continued to look at the cause of my issue. This morning I got yet another email telling me they had figured it out. Under Preferences|AutoCorrect, I had the box labeled "Correct typos with AppleSpell" checked and this was causing the problem. Since I want to keep this setting, I left Terminal in the list of apps that TypeIt4Me should ignore. Hat tip to Guy and Riccardo at TypeIt4Me for great technical support!

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