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Monday, February 03, 2020

New Computer

Excitement personified. I'm getting a new computer tomorrow, a Lenovo Thinkbook 13s. I've used Thinkpads forever. As I understand it, the Thinkbook is like a poor man's Thinkpad. I'll write about it after I get it and use it for a while.

My primary computer is my Macbook Pro. But I do some work that requires a Windows machine. When my Lenovo Twist died in 2018, I bought a "cheap" HP, thinking that I did not need much in the way of performance for the little work I did in Windows. Wrong! I've gotten too used to the speed of good laptops, so the HP seemed to crawl at times. It is a good computer, but with a Pentium processor and spinning disk hard drive, it was just too slow. So when Lenovo put the 2019 Thinkbook on clearance sale, it was just too good a deal to pass up.

The HP will be moved to being the file and print server on my home network. The computer that served that purpose, a Dell Inspiron 530 at 12 years old, will be retired.

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