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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Lenovo ThinkBook 13s

Two years ago I posted about a new computer I had gotten. I was excited about it because it was powered by an Intel i7 8th Generation and I had never had a Windows machine with that kind of power. I had also used ThinkPads for years and loved their construction and especially their keyboard. I said in a February 2020 post that I would write a review of the new computer. This is the review.

Why wait 2 years to write a review? Because for about 20% of that time, it's been out of service due to various problems. It's finally stable enough to use, although there are some issues, and it is an okay machine--just okay.


  • Fast
  • Runs Windows 11


  • Began acting up almost out of the box. Biggest problem was that it would not wake from sleep. Sent to Lenovo Repair Depot. Came back 49 days (!) later with new motherboard.
  • Still lots of problems. Lenovo had trouble with its Repair Depot so switched me to Onsite Service.
  • Three months, 2 more motherboards, and 2 new trackpads later, computer seems to run okay.
  • However, trackpad is too sensitive even on lowest sensitivity setting. Cursor jumps when typing. Hovering finger even a half inch above trackpad initiates a tap.
  • Two keys are sticking frequently and one won't engage its base and sticks up above other keys, even though it's still hanging on there (i.e., it has not come completely loose).

So after all the maintenance its an okay machine but hard to use because of the keyboard and trackpad issues. I would not recommend this machine or any of its successors that share the same body and keyboard (my version has been discontinued after only two years in production).

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