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Sunday, May 29, 2022

It's Been Fun

I've had a site on the web since late 1997. Much of the time that site included a blog or blog-like page, mostly about Clemson football or using a Windows computer. I've occasionally posted opinions on other topics, usually politics, but by and large, I did not do it consistently enough to develop any sort of a following.

I used to spend a lot of time developing my website, playing with different layouts and graphics. I learned how to use SSH to maintain it, which was a challenge for someone who has used Windows all his work and personal life and is self-taught on computers.

But, I don't post much anymore and I question whether it's worth the $50 dollars or so I spend every year to maintain the domain name and website. There are plenty of free alternatives for email. There is even free web hosting if I feel the need for a presence on the web, for example, https://jcb37310.github.io.

So, for now, this is goodbye. It will be a while before jcby.com goes away—I am paid up through 2023, but this will be my last post here...until it isn't.

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